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George Winston Company
George Winston Company
832 W 12TH ST
ERIE, PA 16501-1513

Since 1911, The George Winston Company has been the trusted expert in the Northwest PA and Erie County, PA area. This firmly established (92 years) family owned company is now operated and owned by Richard (Dick) G. Winston, a third descendant of original founder George Winston.

Serving homes, businesses and industry for as long as most Erie area folks can remember, this is truly one of the respected business pillars of the Erie PA Community.

From kitchen sinks or bath faucets to air conditioners, water heaters and furnaces. The George Winston Company can handle the job perfectly. If it's a sewer or clogged drain ...

No worries! And, by the way, we constantly strive for the best, most economical and effective solutions to your job.

We even use environmentally SAFE products wherever possible to heat and cool your home and even to keep the plumber away!

Feel free to visit our website often as sometimes your answer may be very easy for you to fix yourself! But in case you need us, we are here for you and hope you give us a call when necessary.

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George Winston Company
832 W 12TH ST
ERIE, PA 16501-1513
Ph: 814-454-0752
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